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Air quality training

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Rayten has put together a comprehensive air quality training course that covers a wide range of topics. Below is an outline of a typical training course. Should you be interested in a quote for training please email info@rayten.co.za

  • Introduction to air quality, including an overview of atmospheric emissions (types of sources, impacts and mitigation measures)
  • Air quality legislation including:
    • National Framework for Air Quality Management
    • Air Quality Act (Act No. 39 of 2004)
    • Priority Areas and Air Quality Management Plans
    • Dust Control Regulations
    • Ambient Air Quality Standards
    • Dispersion Modelling
    • Emission Reporting Regulations (NAEIS)
    • GHG Reporting Regulations
    • Air Quality By-Laws
    • S21 Listed Activities and Minimum Emission Standards
    • S23 Controlled Emitters
  • Atmosphere Emission Licence (AEL)
    • AEL applications
      • SAAELIP
      • Processing fees
      • Types of AEL applications and when they are required
    • AEL conditions, investigations and requirements
    • AEL reporting, compliance and auditing
    • Examples of non-compliance with the relevant legislation and AEL conditions.
      • A couple of case studies will be given
      • Consequences of non-compliance will be discussed