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AQMS-3000 Micro Air Quality Station

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As the implementing of continuous ambient air quality monitoring systems in the past few decades, most EPAs across the world have realized the importance of real-time ambient quality monitoring. However, conventional CAAQMS do not cover everywhere in the city due to the high cost. FPI have developed the latest AQMS-3000

Parameter SO2, NO2, CO, Ozone, PM10, PM2.5, Temp, RH, Wind
PM Module Principle: Light Scattering
Range: 0~10 mg/m3
Accuracy: ± 10%
Gas Module Principle: Electro-Chemical
Range: 0~500 ppb, CO:0~50 ppm
Time Resolution: 1 min
Detectable Limit: 5 ppb, CO:0.04 ppm
Other Operating Temp.: -20~60°C
Communication: 2G/3G/4G and GPS positioning