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Rayten Engineering Solutions are suppliers of Focused Photonics ambient particulate and metals monitoring equipment. The AMMS-100 allows continuous monitoring of 28 toxic metals.

The AMMS-100 is the latest XRF based metal analyser and fully abides by USEPA IO-3.3.


  • USEPA Method IO-3.3 compliant
  • Measure 28 toxic metals simultaneously
  • Measures Particulate matter
  • Magnitude of detection limit 0.01-0.1ng/m
  • Associate measurements with time of day or meteorological conditions, makes particular source tracing possible.
  • Continuous monitoring results in large database that is able to conduct source/receptor modeling.
  • No consumables except filter tape replacement, no laboratory analysis, unattended online monitoring results in cost reduction and time saving.

Rayten Engineering Solutions are suppliers of Focused Photonics’ continuous emission monitoring system for continuous measurement of a wide range of stack emissions including incinerator emission monitoring, explosion area emission monitoring, heavy metals, VOC’s, DUST, gases, TPF, humidity, DAS.

Continuous Emission Monitoring System

 The new generation ‘smart CEMS’ features smart self-inspection, smart operation and maintenance

  • Traceable record of inspection, operation and maintenance.
  • Remote zero/span calibration, remote purge control.
  • Remote operation and diagnosis through user monitoring center or EPA monitoring center.
  • Malfunction precaution and healthy operation by embedded detectors to key parts of the system.

Rayten Engineering Solutions are suppliers of Focused Photonics’ ambient air quality monitoring equipment. The following ambient air quality analysers and calibration equipment are available:

  • AQMS-100 – Zero Air Generator
  • AQMS-200 – Dynamic Dilution Calibrator
  • AQMS-300 – Ozone Analyzer
  • AQMS-400 – Carbon Monoxide Analyzer
  • AQMS-500 – Sulfur Dioxide Analyzer
  • AQMS-600 – Nitrogen Oxides Analyzer
  • BPM-200 – Continuous Particulate Monitor

Rayten Engineering Solutions are suppliers of Focused Photonics Process Laser Gas Analysis System.

Utilizing proprietary technologies of Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS), the LGA system will satisfy in-situ measurements with high accuracy, fast response, strong reliability and virtually maintenance free. The LGA system is applicable to almost all industrial process, especially well proven in harsh conditions in combination of high temperature, pressure, dust, corrosives and contaminants.

Leveraging an installed base of over 8,000 units, the LGA system has been extensively used for combustion and safety control, process optimization, energy recovery, scientific research as well as environment monitoring. To date, these units have been employed in metallurgy, refinery, petrochemical, natural gas, power plant, waste incineration, cement and other situations where gas measurement is needed.

As the implementing of continuous ambient air quality monitoring systems in the past few decades, most EPAs across the world have realized the importance of real-time ambient quality monitoring. However, conventional CAAQMS do not cover everywhere in the city due to the high cost. FPI have developed the latest AQMS-3000

Parameter SO2, NO2, CO, Ozone, PM10, PM2.5, Temp, RH, Wind
PM Module Principle: Light Scattering
Range: 0~10 mg/m3
Accuracy: ± 10%
Gas Module Principle: Electro-Chemical
Range: 0~500 ppb, CO:0~50 ppm
Time Resolution: 1 min
Detectable Limit: 5 ppb, CO:0.04 ppm
Other Operating Temp.: -20~60°C
Communication: 2G/3G/4G and GPS positioning