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Noise Monitoring and Impact Assessments

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At Rayten Engineering Solutions we understand the dynamics of ambient sound propagation and the impacts associated with it.

Ambient Noise Monitoring for Compliance Purposes:

Rayten Engineering Solutions undertakes ambient noise monitoring using a calibrated BSWA sound level meter while adhering to the South African National Standards (10103:2008), to compare the measured sound power levels against the acceptable ambient noise levels within a district. Measurements are undertaken during both the day time and night time periods which are compared against the acceptable standards mentioned above. In addition, measurement of sound power levels are undertaken while adhering to the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism Government Notice Regulations (GNR) 154: Noise Control Regulations in Terms of Section 25 of the environmental Conservation Act, 1989 (Act No. 73 of 1989).

Noise Impact Assessments

The construction or upgrading of a facility can become a nuisance noise for the surrounding community. Rayten Engineering Solutions can assist clients to determine the impact of the noise associated with the construction, operation, and decommissioning phase of their facilities by developing a Noise Dispersion model and a Noise Impact Assessment report according to the South African National Standards (10328:28). The noise dispersion model is undertaken by using a commercial licence software called, SoundPlan Essentials 5.1.